The Right Deals in Poker Games

The poker strategy articles offered for free by the site are a key resource for learning all the secrets of the game. In this section you will find useful tips to deal with all the key moments of the games such as the opening, the game and the management of the bets and your bankroll.

We will start with a general overview of bandar poker online, which addresses the basic concepts of poker strategies, to then go into more detail and talk about not only the styles of play, but also how to approach a multi-table tournament and a cash game match.

Poker strategy is everything. Although the luck component is absolutely present, and it may happen that a less good player beats a better one, in the long run only the best are able to win regularly in the game of poker. Without a strategy, without a tactic combined with the technique, inevitably the player can only rely on luck: and that betrays when one expects less.

Strategies poker

There are two general lines of thought regarding poker strategies: there are those who adopt a more conservative approach, defined as “tight” in slang, and those who instead adopt a more open approach, jargoned as “loose”.

Hard to say which is the best option, also because poker is an evolving game: if a closed game was considered the most appropriate way to win, today the best players are the ones who know how to make a profit even though they play so many hands.

Passive or aggressive?

Another aspect to be taken into account is referred to style rather than to poker strategies. There are players who prefer to be waiters, fold until they are safe and call if they don’t have the nuts (the highest point), and other players who instead want to take the reins of the game and the hand in which they participate, betting and raising and also taking some risks.

  • From this point of view, it is instead possible to draw a clearer line in stating that aggression in poker beats passivity. This is because by betting and raising it is possible to win in two ways: having the best hand at the showdown, but also forcing one’s opponent to fold.
  • Making only call and never aiming, a typical attitude of passive players, clearly it is impossible to win in the second way: to take the pot home you will always have to have the best hand.
  • Unlike the approach, whose effectiveness can vary based on the so-called meta game (that is to say that set of techniques more effective in a given historical period), the effectiveness of the style will hardly see a mutation with the passage of time.

Translated: a particularly passive style will always have less chance of being successful than a particularly aggressive style.

Warning: even aggressive style can be detrimental. If a player bet and raises recklessly, he will end up losing everything unequivocally. An overly aggressive player is usually referred to as a “maniac”.

Poker strategies: Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is by far the most popular variant in circulation and one in which perhaps the strategy has the greatest importance, both in the short and in the long term. The concepts expressed so far are valid in all poker variants, but in Texas Hold’em they take on even more important contours.