Free betting sites and their welcome offers

What is the easiest way to earn money these days? The answer would be free bets. Free bets that is you register to a betting website by creating an account. You invest some seed amount and start playing the game. However, some websites are now offering a bonus amount for new customers. What you’ll have to do is register to their sites, start betting with minimal money like £5 and then they will give you a bonus of £35. The bonus will be transferred straight to your player’s account. But you need to remember certain term and conditions —

Firstly, you must start betting with your seed investment and must finish up your seed money,

Secondly, you must finish up your seed amount within one week in order to receive the bonus,

Thirdly, your bonus of say £35 will be accredited to your bonus account only and not to your cash account

Fourthly, once you receive the bonus money, you have to finish that bonus money first, and only then you can use your invested new money,

Fifthly,  in case you do not receive the money, then you have to contact the customer service number and report the problem, and then they will solve your issue,

Sixthly, the amount which you are receiving as a bonus must be finished within seven days,

Lastly, you will have to spend £70 from your bonus balance before you can move money from your bonus balance to your cash balance and withdraw it, and you will have to spend this £70 in two usages as well.


The offers that you receive upon registration or after the first deposit in free bets are called welcome offers. One such website which is offering this kind of welcome offer is Ladbrokes Bingo. They are amongst the finest free betting site that is in the business. Ladbrokes Bingo’s welcome offer is only for a limited time , so if you want to earn some quick money then just sit back on your couch, buy a sports pack on your cable and when you feel like you know what is going to happen in the game, open an account with Ladbrokes Bingo, invest seed money and start betting. You will be accredited with your welcome bonus money in no time.