Choosing the Finer Limits For Website Safety Now


Why is it necessary to create an account on sites that offer free space to save and store our files “in the cloud”? Why is file storage moving from external hard drives to “online ones”? For the 토토사이 this is important now.

  • Often you want to send a large file to relatives and friends and with an online storage you can send them only the link to go and download.
  • Your website / blog have limited space and so you can save all the heaviest images or files “on your cloud” or it won’t allow you to upload large files.
  • Other times it happens that you would like to send large files via e-mail to a colleague or a friend but your mail client times out or does not allow you to upload these types of files.

For the simple fact that if we lose our portable hd or the same computer, or if they are suddenly damaged, we risk losing all the content inside it (from the photos of the summer holidays to the important files of our work). If instead we made a periodic backup with our reserved online space we would not have to worry about.

  • Increased security in keeping strictly personal files from prying eyes and hands.
  • You will be able to access your files wherever you are in the world and from any device that can be connected to the network.

The Perfect Option

These and also others are the reasons why each of us would do well to think of registering an account for storing files directly online with low cost and monthly payments. But going to the net, there are so many and so at this point which ones to choose?

  • Below is a brief description for each of the storage services.
  • A possible strategy is to use several free sites to take advantage of more free space even if broken up. 

Do you know others to suggest? Which ones do you use and would you be ready to advise them personally?

Dropbox: offers 2 GB of free storage to get started and then if you want it has more payment options available. Dropbox offers file synchronization between PC / Mac / Linux and the cloud. You can upload your files via the desktop client (software) or via the web interface. All folders and files will also be synchronized with all other devices (including mobile devices) enabled. Fast and light service and a must try. It’s my favorite solution for online backup. The drawback is that of having to create a folder called “Dropbox” to be able to load all the files and folders to be saved inside. Recommended for all users like me who have a mac because it is really convenient application for file transfer in the Finder menu.

Danny White

The author Danny White