Want to try some fun and light card games? Learn the sequence rules now

According to GetMega, the sequence is an unusual game in that it employs playing cards, poker chips, and a game board. The board is also quite large, so it’s easy to see why this game can appear intimidating. It’s formally known as an abstract strategy card game.

So, if you enjoy more complex strategy games, Sequence rules might be for you which you can play on Getmega. Douglas Reuter developed Sequence in the 1970s. However, it wasn’t until 1982 that Jax Ltd released the game.

The rules for playing the Sequence on Getmega are as follows:


It can be played between two individuals or two teams having two individuals in each team. As per the sequence rules, when playing in groups, make sure to divide the players evenly. Players should alternate around the board so that teammates are sitting opposite each other.

Before the game begins.

Lay out the board in front of all the players before you begin. Unlike poker games, each player or team should select a single colour of chip. Players must cut the deck, beginning with the lowest card. Aces are plentiful. Each player will be dealt the same number of cards by the dealer. Each player receives seven cards if there are two of them. If there are two teams, each player receives six cards. The remaining cards form the draw pile, which will be used throughout the game.

Always start the game with the player who drew the lowest card during the cut and work your way clockwise.

When it’s your turn.

Your turn will be made up of four steps. First, choose a card from your hand that is not already on the board. Second, face-up, in the pile, discard this chosen card. Third, place one of your coloured chips on the game board’s corresponding space. Finally, take a new card from the deck. Once you’ve had your turn, remember to draw a card from the deck. If you do not take a card before the next player takes their turn, you forfeit your right to draw a new card and must end the game with fewer cards.

Particular areas.

There are four special spaces on the game board. Each corner has one. These are additional spaces. When using a corner, only four more cards are required to complete a sequence. The same corner space can be occupied by more than one player. It can, for example, be used in both a horizontal and a diagonal sequence for one team.

Cards that are unique.

The Sequence rules include a card deck containing eight jacks. Four of the jacks have two eyes. These are unrestricted and can be used in any space on the board. On your turn, discard the wild jack and place your chip on any empty space on the board. The remaining four jacks only have one eye. These jacks are for removing a chip from the board. Only chips that aren’t part of a finished sequence can be removed from the board. Place the jack in the discard pile and take your pick of the chips.

 The Dead Cards

Dead cards are those with no open space on the board. Essentially, if you are dealt a card that you are unable to play, it is a dead card. If this occurs, you can discard the card and draw a replacement from the deck. You must, however, make your intentions known ahead of time.

The best way to win the game on Getmega

Sequence rules include a team building the required number of Sequences in order to win. When a player or team accomplishes this, they win. Remember that traditional rules prohibit players from conversing with one another during the game. If they do, that player/team must forfeit a card from their hand.

The sequence rules can be changed to accommodate three players or three teams. It is played in the same way as a two-player game, except that only one sequence strand is required to win. While the rules of the sequence game are simple, the game itself is one of strategy and skill. Because no two games are ever the same, it is an exciting game for people of all ages and plays on Getmega to earn real money.

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