Top Five Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning in 4D Lottery

Aside from casino games and sports betting, Malaysians and Singaporeans also love the lottery. Gamblers can win money and great prizes by drawing their chosen number combinations. 4-Digits (4D) is among its most popular types. 


What is a 4D Lottery?

If you are 18 years old and above, you can bet on this game. 4D draws happen every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday each week. All allowed players can bet once per week yet gamble twice each draw. The final call is at 6 pm on the lottery date

Players waging their stake in this lottery-type will select four-digit number combos between 0000-9999. Each participant has 23 chances of winning per draw. A 4D online bet is a fixed-odds game, which means winning can be a handful of tasks. Yet, bettors can still get the odds in favour of them. Such comes by having strategies more than gut feelings or a sense of luc

Tips in 4D Lottery Betting

#1: Observe Numerical Trend

A player needs to pay attention to the winning combinations drawn in the previous rounds. Do not buy TOTO online if the numbers did not appear in the last seven draws. It could be a sign already.

It is necessary to watch and analyse the results. In this way, you can make the correct guesses by observing four-digit combinations trends.

#2: Bet on Random Numbers

Punting during birthdays and anniversaries will most likely earn you a low return on investment (ROI). These days, most bettors may end up picking the exact numbers corresponding to small amounts such as 1 to 1 or 7 to 12. Yes! You might have a high chance of winning, but you will share the prize with others. Such sight is unfulfilling. So, you might consider going for random numbers. Changing your bets from time to time can lessen the instances where you win and split the prize among other people.

#3: Previous Winning Numbers are Clues

In the 4D lottery, players should not underestimate the significance of repeating patterns. Previous results are clues that bettors might want to check. 

#4: Mixing Odd and Even Numbers

There were only a few occasions when all number combos picked were all-odd or all-even. So, it is best to mix your lucky number. Looks fancy yet proven effective in increasing your chances of winning.On average, 80 percent of drawn digits are of varied nature. 

#5: Play with Optimism

Do not quit easily. Losing is part of success in the lottery. Having a positive mindset can help you play the game without pressure. Doing such removes all doubts and gives you breathing space to create number combinations. Remember to calm yourself and enjoy the moment


Many might have believed that winning the 4D lottery is only about luck. It may be pure guesswork, but still, bettors can formulate tactics to increase their probability of bringing home the top prize. 

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