Top 3 Reasons to Try Gnome Slot


The Gnome slot machine is very popular both online and in regular casinos. Let’s discuss 3 main reasons why people find it alluring and how to play casino games free of charge.

A simple and straightforward game has a very interesting and exciting plot which keeps you engaged throughout the game. The Gnome stands out by the doubling game and amazing bonus round that none of the slots can offer. What else is special about it?

  1. The graphics of the game and its symbols deserves special attention.

The theme is devoted to the mythical characters who live underground. Like in the fairy tale they are digging the mines and look for the precious gems. This game is set in one of those mines.A dwarf with a long beard will lead you to the following symbols on the reels: a dwarf, a helmet with a lamp bulb, an anvil, a hammer, an umbrella, the word GNOME and a cart. Some symbols seem weird and unrelated but if you keep playing, you’ll find out why you need them in the bonus round.

  1. The picture of a dwarf is the wild symbol which substitutes the rest of symbols to create the winning combination.

However, it cannot replace the bonus symbol which is represented by a cart with gold. Three carts with gold deliver the bonus round. This is where the fun begins! Don’t wait any longer, just click and spin.

  1. You can do it for free.

Should we add anything else to that? Enjoy the game absolutely risk-free and find out how lucky you are at gambling from the comfort of your favorite device.

Danny White

The author Danny White