The wrong thoughts while playing a poker game

Good poker players are good because they think and analyze situations. The problem arises when our thoughts lead us on the wrong path, as happens many times when we have no experience in the game. Click here for idn poker.

Sometimes we cannot correctly deduce what is happening at the poker table and that leads us to make bad decisions. Some common mistakes we make are due to a misreading of the situation. For example, suppose that your rival is bluffing. Many players have a certain resistance to abandoning their hand. Assuming that your opponent is bluffing is a good way of tricking ourselves into continuing to play. This is how, so many times, we see how big bets are made with marginal hands.

Not knowing to quit

Another problem that beginning poker players face is that they assume that folding after having called a bet, or having raised, is out of the question. It is not bad to leave, nobody will think badly of us, nor will we remain weak players. This type of thinking (“I can’t quit now”) is often related to the ego. However, backing up with a bluff attempt, for example, or correcting a previous mistake, may be the best possible move. Visit this site for idn poker.

Controlling aggression

There are situations in which, without a doubt, we must be aggressive. But aggressiveness in bets should not become automatic, but must be intentional and be part of the precise play for a given situation. No one expects us to bet on every hand, nor should we do so on the assumption that we will otherwise be seen as weak players. It is true that it is necessary to control the boat, but we cannot or always must. The first objective is to make the correct play; the next, protect our stack.

Every chip is vital

If calling a bet or raising is not the best decision, then it does not matter if the bet is low or insignificant: it will always be more than we should bet. The small bets that we make just because, they are few chips, eventually end up affecting our bankroll and our level of play. If we feel that losing some chips is not important, then perhaps we should review our goal when playing poker.

Ego is bad

When we are not having a good streak, telling ourselves that we will continue playing until we recover what we lost is a serious mistake. If we’ve been losing consistently, we probably haven’t been playing well. Then the only thing we will do is make the situation worse, because we will not magically improve. It is better to leave the game for a while, or for the day, and return to the tables at another time.