Casino tricks to keep you playing


Every visitor of such establishments has experienced the attractive power of casinos. And the point is not even the chance to get rich, but the very thought about it, in the atmosphere, sounds, smells, people around. Standing just on the doorstep of the club, the player begins to feel excitement, anticipation of the holiday and the joy of future victories. And if these expectations are fulfilled – the roulette ball will hit the right cell, the reels will create a winning combination, a good card will come – consider that you hit. From now on, your world has changed forever, along with the attitude to earnings, psychological attitudes and a set of events leading to euphoria.

Subtleties of suggestion

Giving the client the belief in the reality of big wins is the main task of the gambling industry. There are not so many examples when one dollar wagered brought fabulous wealth, but these stories are replicated, overgrown with rumors and legends, they are written about in newspapers and told in the news. As a result, it seems that anyone can repeat the path of the lucky one, if they just want to. In principle, this is how it is, only the likelihood of this is very, very small. Making the player forget about such subtleties is the second task of the casino.

Hall decoration

There are no windows in the ground clubs. Do you think this is done so that customers are not distracted by the restaurant that is happening outside the walls and do not make mistakes by staring at a cool car or a beautiful girl passing by? This factor, of course, has its own significance, but it is not the main one.

First of all, players forget about the time spent in the casino. At the same time, fatigue begins to affect the results of the game, attention becomes scattered, the brain does not have time to process the information it receives, the body asks for rest, forcing them to commit rash acts, raise rates, and it is pointless to take risks. But a person seized with passion may not even understand what is happening to him. It is often easy to predict the outcome of such a situation – a complete fiasco or a small gain that does not always cover the costs. The next day, the loser realizes his mistakes, but he will not stop, but will want to win back, eliminating such factors from the game process. But it is unlikely that he will succeed – after all, there are no windows, as well as hours, by the way, and “to run for a couple of minutes to win” will turn into “sit for half a day and lose.”

Let’s make a reservation right away that such a scenario does not always work. If a client has some experience, knows how to control himself, follows clear guidelines that limit both time and costs, then this automatically increases the chances of success and, at least, eliminates the likelihood of stupid failures. And if you still play not in a real club, but on , then there are many additional motivators that will not allow you to dissolve in the game and make mistakes

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