The Google Settings and the Right Findings

Yandex and Google are actively introducing new technologies in search. And SEO specialists are trying to prepare and adapt their work to these changes. So there are new SEO trends, the use of which can give a very good effect in the form of increased traffic from the search to your site. In this article, we will talk about several, in our opinion, the most significant seo-trends of 2019.

  • Trend.
  • Maximum consideration of user preferences, the so-called intents.

In 2019, both Yandex and Google will pay even more attention to the desires and intentions of users when generating issuance and ranking.

Among seo-specialists there is separate term intent. This is the intent of the user, what he keeps in mind when he enters a search query. Intent in essence this is the need that the user wants to solve when entering a query into the search bar. For the 토토검증사이트 this is important.

The greater attention of search engines to intents means that sites that are maximally focused on these user needs and are ready to really solve the tasks of the audience will be ranked high.

According to forecasts, in 2019 this factor will become key and will play a much larger role than the occurrence of keywords in the text of the page, in the description, or even in the title.

To bring your project in line with this trend, you need to learn to understand:

  • what your audience wants to receive in response to a request
  • what content is important to her
  • in what form users expect to see it in the answer
  • And, of course, try to form this answer in the most detailed form on your site

We will analyze this with a concrete example:

Suppose a user types in the query “furniture for a child’s room”.

What does he want to see on the site that appears in the answer?

  • Many images of furniture and its elements. The more of these options he sees, the better. Since user choice is important.
  • Overall size

To understand which option is suitable, you need to understand the size of this furniture. Therefore, it is obvious that next to the image it would be correct to indicate the sizes of the elements.

  • The price

The cost of goods or services has always been and remains an important parameter of the user’s choice. Lack of price often leads to the closure of site pages in the first seconds. There is a separate article on our blog in which we described in detail the importance of this parameter on the landing pages.


  • Material

The material will be a great addition. Recall that we are looking for exactly the furniture for the children’s room. It may be important for users that the material from which this furniture is made is in accordance with environmental requirements and standards.

  • Functions of sorting and selection by parameters

To make it convenient for the user to sort the assortment according to the necessary parameters, the page should have selection functions. At least this is for the price. If there is a possibility of selection by color or dimensions this will be only a plus, as it will make the choice even more convenient.

  • Possibility to order

This can be a request for a call to the manager, a basket, a request for a call back, a 1-click order and any other calls to action. The main thing is that they are in a conspicuous place and work quickly and without errors.