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In this article, we invite you to follow us in the exciting world of video joker. From its creation to today, discover its history.

The History of Video Joker

When you hear the term “Video Joker”, then you often stop at the first word which implies that this game is quite modern. However, it is not. Indeed, it is at the time of the first slot machines that video poker as it is called today was born. At the time, of course, everything was mechanical. The machine also looked very much like a one-armed bandit but you had 5 cylinders which distributed cards printed on the blanks of these cylinders.

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It was really only from the 70s of the last century, thanks to the Company, that joker123 will really become what it is today. Technologies such as video and electronics are integrated into these machines, new rules such as the possibility of changing cards during the second draw, all of this is thanks to this American company. Just like slot machines, this game will quickly become successful and it will be found in places totally independent of this environment such as restaurants and bars, in any case many places of entertainment but which had nothing to do with it.

Today, video joker has taken its place in all casinos around the world with a fairly large space and of course, on the net, this game has a growing popularity. It must be said that the support is perfect for this type of game.

The main variants for playing Video Joker

We are going to look at the variations of video joker together. There are a lot of them so we’re not going to do them all either, especially since they look very similar. Let’s take a look at the most popular:

Jacks or Better

“Jacks or better”, you will simply need a pair of jacks to enter the pay table. It is all the same this version that the players prefer for its correct payments and its simplicity.

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Deuces Wild

Here, the two you understand, play an exceptional role, they will simply replace all the cards and substitute for them to help you in the construction of hands that will bring you money. We can therefore say that you have 4 jokers in the game. The chances of winning are therefore already greater link joker123. This is why online casinos compensate with a more difficult combination: a minimum of three of a kind.

Joker poker

Here, the operation obviously makes us think of the game Deuces Wild except that you have only one joker, and a real one this time. The entry in the pay table has also been revised downwards: a king pair will suffice.

There are many other variations, but then they are clearly inspired by these three versions. One could cite for example the Tens or better, which is exactly like the Jacks or Better, except that there, it takes a pair of 10 to start making money.