Is online blackjack rigged and how to know for sure?

Online blackjack is undoubtedly great and convenient. It combines the exciting experience of this game with the advantage of playing from the comfort of your home.

Still, with everything being so technical and impersonal, it’s easy for players sometimes to assume that the game is rigged against them.

While this is a serious accusation against online casinos, some online gambling sites over the years have been found to engage in not-so-transparent activities and sometimes even rig games.

On this page, we’ll examine all of the facts to determine if online blackjack is rigged. We’ll share with you tips that will help you know how to tell for sure and what to do about it if the answer to this question is positive.

Is Online Blackjack Rigged?

The online gambling industry is still fairly young compared to its brick-and-mortar counterpart.

Because of this, it’s normal for many people to have their apprehension when it comes to online gambling, especially games like blackjack online.

However, we want to assure you that the overwhelming majority of online blackjack games aren’t rigged.

White label online casinos and casino game developers take extensive precautions to prove that their games are fair and safe for the players.

Are online blackjack games fair

From specific laws that govern each country they operate in, to gambling licenses and independent audits, blackjack game developers have to jump through many hoops before they can publish their games for gamblers to bet real money on.

Having said that, this is a very complex topic that requires detailed conversation in several directions, all of which we’ll focus on in this detailed article.

Why Do So Many Players Think That Online Blackjack Is Rigged?

The biggest reason why many online blackjack players suspect that the game is rigged against them is that they can’t see what’s happening behind the game.

Unlike traditional blackjack in a real land-based casino, you can’t see the cards in front of you. So, if you fall into a losing streak, it’s easy to assume that the game is programmed to cheat you.

Online Casinos Don’t Create Their Blackjack Games

If you think that an online casino can simply fix the game by quickly adjusting some settings and mechanisms, you’ll be surprised to find out that these gambling platforms aren’t the ones responsible for the blackjack game’s integrity.

This is because the online casinos don’t actually create the blackjack games they host on their website.

The Casino Does Actually Have the Edge in Online Blackjack

So, if online blackjack isn’t rigged, how does the online casino ensure steady profits? The answer is simple.

Online blackjack is “rigged” in a way, and that is to provide the online casino with a certain percentage of profit over time. This is what is known as a house edge.

The house edge makes sure that the online casino always comes out on top. This number ranges between one and a half and two percent.