How to Bet On Muay Thai Combat in the Traditional Way

Muay Thai is Thailand’s most popular cultural martial art developed centuries ago. Today, the Lumpinee stadium is a Mecca of the combat that features a group of substantial bettors. Technically, gambling is illegal but there are exceptions. Registered boxing arenas are legal gambling arenas for Muay Thai boxing. Bookies also need to get registered to accept the bets.

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How to Bet For Muay Thai handicap betting 

Get familiar with gestures options

First, the bettor needs to choose the fighter he/she wants to wager on with hand gestures.

  • Downward Palm suggests the favorite.
  • Palm facing upward indicates the underdog.

Remember, through the fight quotes will fluctuate based on the performance of the combat. These gestures must be used by the bettors to communicate quote changes or place a new wager.

Bankroll management

In Muay Thai, gambling has an optimistic side because the fighters get influenced by the wagers. It offers them fuel in the ring pushing them to win and get more money for their family. The fights get more spectacular and intense. There is also a dark side where abundant wager on a specific gambler’s fight influences the judge’s decision. They give a close win to a less popular fighter to ensure that a large sum does not flow in the bettor’s hands.

Be careful

Bettors need to be careful when they visit small venues. The bookie staff may not be reliable on their financial responsibilities. As gambling is illegal there is no enforcement to regulate such behavior. Therefore, it is the bettor’s responsibility to research the potential arena they desire to go and wager on the combat. Sometimes, it is nice to play safe and enjoy watching rather than wagering on the Muay Thai fights. Better still you can opt for the modern approach.

Modern approach

You can bet on Thai combat online. There are several popular sites like Ufakick offering a structured approach. Every kind of bettor new or experienced can gain access to the upcoming matches. The details are presented graphically and statistically, which are easy to understand.

Get an adrenalin rush watching Muay Thai boxing from the comfort of your home and earn some extra dollars!