How can you introduce other people to Indian rummy?

The game of rummy has been in play over centuries and the Indian rummy game is one among the most popular of its variants. But many people still are unaware of the game of Indian rummy. Having many players to play the game with is a part of the fun. And if players invite other players to join the game, they can have known players to play with and that will also introduce the game to new people who might love the game of rummy.

When players play the game of rummy, they play with different people they don’t know. It is fun to get to know new people but it is never known how good or bad a player can be. Playing with known players can be very relaxing and fun. Getting to play with friends and family can give players an opportunity to hang out with close people while enjoying a challenging battle. People who are on each player’s contacts or social media can be invited to play the game. A great way to bond over a group game.

Introducing other people to the game of Indian rummy:

  • Refer email contacts

A way of inviting new people to the game is to send emails to contacts on players’ email IDs. Players can invite other people to play rummy with them through a pre-typed invitation with the link to the website of the game. New players just have to open the website through the link and download the app to join the game and have fun.

  • Share on social media

Social media is the biggest platform to share when it is intended to reach certain and massive audiences. Sharing about the game on social media, and posting about player’s scores and ranks in challenges can interest other friends to join the rummy game. Other people on a player’s social media can make friends in the game and play together.

  • Other social apps like Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.

There are plenty of social websites and contact lists that can be linked to invite people to play the game. The more players you bring the more fun the game becomes. Playing rummy with known players and having fun with people you know can be so relaxing. Bringing in players to play the game can increase one’s social status among friends and colleagues.

  • Sync with Phone Contacts

The closest contacts to someone are the phone contacts. When players invite people from their phone contacts to play rummy online games with them, they are bringing their closest friends and family to join the fun. Having a group of your closest ones, to play together and relax and have fun, is a good way to spend time.


Inviting other people from player’s contacts to play the rummy game can be a very creative and fun way to spend time with close friends and family. Or maybe, to introduce someone to the game of rummy who might have an interest in the game.