Betting on football – Balancing passion and objectivity

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Wagering on football significantly increases the enjoyment of watching your squad throughout the season. Bettors need to strike a balance between fandom and objectivity. Typically, football fans when betting on their favorite team are letting their heart overrule their head. Before placing any wagers, take a minute to check any homerism or emotions you may have about the team’s outlook. Be brutally honest about weaknesses being overlooked because you want them to win.

Bet against rivals

The effective way passionate fans balance things is by betting against their team’s hated rivals whenever they gain an edge. For instance, Eagles backers may spot situations where the Eagles are overvalued against weaker opponents. Rather than betting on Philly anyway or avoiding those spots, channel your rooting interest into betting against the Cowboys, Giants, or Washington instead. Having one team you bet against consistently eases the pain of occasionally fading your squad and builds your bankroll to wager on your team in positive situations later.

Review without emotion

After each week’s slate of games, go back and review your picks and predictions about the team you closely follow. Compare what the data and matchups said about the game versus how you envisioned they would perform. Did your bias lead you to make incorrect assumptions? Logging these reviews throughout a season provides concrete examples of when you overrated or underrated teams because of an emotional attachment. Learning from these past cases makes you less likely to repeat betting mistakes.

Use measured hope

Blindly betting on your team to win the Super Bowl or conference every year is asking for trouble. However, you can factor your inherent belief in them going far into season win total plays or exact finish props. A diehard Cowboys fan may win more betting Dallas to win 9.5 games or the NFC East division rather than unrealistic futures like winning it all. In these markets, you bet teams you are high on more aggressively than their odds may reflect while the outcome is still based on a larger sample. It provides a middle ground between being a complete homer or avoiding your team entirely.

House wins

Never forget that you are betting against professionals whose #1 goal is separating fans from their cash. Sportsbooks build in a cut to every line to make a guaranteed profit your fandom only fuels their bottom line when you make unrealistic wagers. Before betting based on feelings, ask yourself, if this team were not my favorite, would this bet make sense? Thinking like a sharp bettor rather than a fan is needed to come out ahead. Removing personal bias is easier said than done, but a disciplinary mindset pays off over time. Need further details? Check out our website –

Objective analysis

The happy medium most fans find is diving into a high-level stat and film analysis of their favorite team to formulate betting opinions. Study tactical and personnel choices by the coaching staff along with player development. Generate your power rankings and projections rather than relying on what pundits say. Although you want your team to win every time out, make picks with the same critical eye you would apply to a franchise you have no rooting interest in. Letting the wisdom gained from outside research and data guide your bets keeps fandom from clouding your process.